NCERA222: Integrated Pest Management

(Multistate Research Coordinating Committee and Information Exchange Group)

Status: Active

SAES-422 Reports



List Extension publications (focused on multi-state and regional activities)

-Weed Control Guide for Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.

-Midwest Vegetable Production Guide

-Midwest Cover Crops Field Guide, third edition

-Reisig, D., Kesheimer, K., Bateman, N., Studebaker, G., Meyer, R., Reay-Janes, F., Shields, E., Owens, D. Buntin, G.D., Seiter, N., Hodgson, E., Sisson, A., Zukoff, A., Villanueva, R., Towels, T., Hamby, K., DiFonzo, C., Hutchison, B., Potter, B., Catchot, A., Cook, D., Bradshaw, J., Peterson, J., Beauzay, P., Knodel, J., Tilmon, K., Baute, T., Varenhorst, A., Brown, S., Kerns, D., Porter, P., Taylor, S., Jensen, B. 2022. Corn Invertebrate Loss Estimates from the United States and Ontario, Canada- 2021. Crop Protection Network. CPN 2019-21.

-Webster, R. W., Roth, M. G., Mueller, B., Mueller, D. S., Chilvers, M. I., Telenko, D. E. P., Willbur, J. F., Mourtzinis, S., Conley, S., and Smith, D. 2022. Modern Integrated Management Practices for Controlling White Mold in Soybean. Crop Protection Network. CPN 5009.

-The new MSU / OSU Insect Guide. 


List Webinars (focused on multi-state and regional activities)

-Emerald Ash Borer University

-North Central IPM Pest & Progress Webinar: Region-wide Surveys and Pest Forecasting for Advancing Minnesota IPM Midwest Soybean Gall Midge Research Update webinars

- 2022 Soybean gall midge regional webinars;


List YouTube videos / other media (focused on multi-state and regional activities)

-Podcast series with MSU hosting: IPM Turns 50

-Podcast Series with ISU hosting: War Against Weeds

-Podcast series with ISU hosting: I see Dead Plants


List Journal articles (focused on multi-state and regional activities)

- Broders, K., Iriarte-Broders, G., Bergstrom, G. C., Byamukama, E., Chlivers, M., Cruz, C., Dalla-Lana, F., Duray, Z., Malvick, D., Mueller, D., Paul, P., Plewa, D., Raid, R., Robertson, A., Salgado-Salazar, C., Smith, D., Telenko, D., VanEtten, K., and Kleczewski, N. 2022. Phyllachora species infecting maize and other grass species in the Americas represents a complex of closely related species. Ecology and Evolution. 12:4.


List Book chapters



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