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NE9 Conservation and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources Hunter, James E. Inactive/Terminating View
NE59 Multistate Research Coordination Northeastern Region Rhodes III, Richard C. Active View
NE60 Genetic Bases for Resistance and Immunity to Avian Diseases Kerr, Kirklyn M. Inactive/Terminating View
NE103 Postharvest Physiology of Fruits Seem, Robert Inactive/Terminating View
NE112 Mastitis Resistance to Enhance Dairy Food Safety Kerr, Kirklyn M. Inactive/Terminating View
NE124 Genetic Manipulation of Sweet Corn Quality and Stress Resistance Pfeffer, Max J. Inactive/Terminating View
NE127 Biophysical Models for Poultry Production Systems Vinson, William E. Inactive/Terminating View
NE132 Environmental and Economic Impacts of Nutrient Management on Dairy Forage Systems Wangsness, Paul Inactive/Terminating View
NE138 Epidemiology and Control of Emerging Strains of Poultry Respiratory Disease Agents MacKenzie, David Inactive/Terminating View
NE140 Biological Improvement of Chestnut and Management of the Chestnut Pathogens and Pests Anderson, John F. Inactive/Terminating View
NE144 Forage Crop Genetics and Breeding to Improve Yield and Quality Coffman, W. Ronnie Inactive/Terminating View
NE148 Regulation of Nutrient Use in Food-Producing Animals Vinson, William E. Inactive/Terminating View
NE161 Association of Fertility with Temporal Changes in Ovarian Function of Domestic Ruminants Berndtson, William Inactive/Terminating View
NE162 Rural Economic Development: Alternatives in the New Competitive Environment Rossi, Daniel Inactive/Terminating View
NE164 Decision Support for Design and Control of Plant Growth Systems Fretz, Thomas Inactive/Terminating View
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