NE2202: The Equine Microbiome

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Active

SAES-422 Reports



 Equine Microbiome Multistate Research Group (NE2202)—Amy Biddle, Jenifer Nadeau, Stephen Coleman, Carissa Wickens, Samantha Brooks, Amanda Bradbery, Carrie Hammer, and Sara Mastellar:  Equine Microbiome: Present and Future, Equine Science Society, Grapevine, TX, June 7-9 2023.

Miller A., Nadeau J., Gonzalez N., Johnson J., Amalaradjou M., Govoni K., Aborn S., Nulton L. The effect of parasitic load on the equine microbiome, hematological parameters, and overall body condition. Equine Science Society, Grapevine, TX, June 7-9 2023.

Hobert K., Biddle A., Characterization of the bacterial and protozoal communities within the equine hindgut using molecular methods. Equine Science Society, Grapevine, TX, June 7-9 2023.



Pyles M., Agbana M., Hayes S., Flythe M., Lawrence L. 2023.The Establishment of Fibrolytic Bacteria in the Foal Gastrointestinal Tract Is Related to the Occurrence of Coprophagy by Foals. animals. Volume 13, Issue 17, DOI 10.3390/ani13172718

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