NE2251: Tourism Resilience and Community Sustainability: Adaptation and Recovery of Rural Businesses and Destinations

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Qian, Xinyi
Minnesota - University of Minnesota
Tourism Center
Arbogast, Douglas
Yes West Virginia - West Virginia University

Eades, Daniel C
West Virginia Cooperative Extension

French, Charles A
New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Phillips, Miles D
Oregon - Oregon State University
Recreation, Park & Tourism Sciences
Goetz, Stephan
Yes Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania State
Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education
Knollenberg, Whitney
North Carolina - North Carolina State University

Jasper, Cynthia R
Yes Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin
Consumer Science
Lamie, Ronald
Yes South Carolina - Clemson University

Yeager, Emily
East Carolina University

Chase, Lisa
Vermont - University of Vermont
King, Brian
Yes Texas AgriLife Research

Deng, Jinyang
West Virginia - West Virginia University
Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Resources Program
Curtis, Kynda
Yes Utah - Utah State University
Applied Economics
Dorius , Shawn
Yes Iowa - Iowa State University

Lee, Seunghoon
Texas AgriLife Research

Entsminger, Jason
Maine Cooperative Extension

Savage, Ann
North Carolina Cooperative Extension

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