NC1180: Control of Endemic, Emerging and Re-emerging Poultry Respiratory Diseases in the United States

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Khan, Mazhar
Yes Connecticut -Storrs
Pathobiology & Veterinary Science
Jarosinski, Keith
Yes Illinois - University of Illinois

Reynolds, Donald
Yes Nebraska - University of Nebraska
Veterinary Medicine
Toro, Haroldo E
Yes Alabama - Auburn University

Ladman, Brian S
Delaware - University of Delaware
Animal and Food Sciences
Gallardo, Rodrigo A
Yes California -Administration : University of California Statewide Administration

Dhondt, Andre
New York -Ithaca : Cornell University

Zhou, Huaijun
California -Davis : University of California, Davis
Animal Science
Lin, T. L.
Yes Indiana - Purdue University
Veterinary pathobiology
Keeler, Calvin L
Yes Delaware - University of Delaware

Ferguson , Naola
Yes University of Georgia

Pantin-Jackwood, Mary
Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory

Suarez, David
Southeast Poultry Research Lab
Swayne , David
Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory

Brannick, Erin M
Delaware - University of Delaware

Johnson, Timothy
Yes Minnesota - University of Minnesota

Goyal, Sagar
Minnesota - University of Minnesota

Culhane, Marie
Minnesota - University of Minnesota

Costa, Matheus
Minnesota - University of Minnesota

Xing, Zheng
Minnesota - University of Minnesota

Pieters, Maria
Minnesota - University of Minnesota

Rajashekara, Gireesh
Yes Ohio - Ohio State University

Broadbent, Andrew
Yes Maryland - University of Maryland

Ghanem, Mostafa
Maryland - University of Maryland

Jordan, Brian
Yes Georgia - University of Georgia

El-Gazzar, Mohamed
Iowa State University - College of Vet Med

Garcia, Maricarmen
Georgia - University of Georgia
College of Veterinary Medicine - Population Health
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