NCERA184: Management of Small Grain Diseases

(Multistate Research Coordinating Committee and Information Exchange Group)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Spurlock, Terry
Yes Arkansas Cooperative Extension

Price, III (Trey), Paul P
Louisiana - Louisiana State University

Smith, Damon L
Yes Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin

Mideros, Santiago
Yes Illinois - University of Illinois

Mueller, Daren
Yes Iowa Cooperative Extension

LaForest, Joseph H
Yes Georgia - University of Georgia

Dill-Macky, Ruth
Yes Minnesota - University of Minnesota
Plant Pathology
Telenko, Darcy
Yes Indiana - Purdue University

Murray, Timothy D.
Yes Washington - Washington State University
Plant Pathology
Friskop, Andrew J
Yes North Dakota - North Dakota State University
Platn Pathology
Wise, Kiersten A
Kentucky - University of Kentucky

DeWolf, Erick
Yes Kansas - Kansas State University
Plant Pathology
Rutkoski, Jessica
Illinois - University of Illinois

Bradley, Carl
Yes Kentucky - University of Kentucky
Plant Pathology
Andersen Onofre, Kelsey
Yes Kansas - Kansas State University

Koehler, Alyssa
Yes Delaware - University of Delaware

Wegulo, Stephen N
Yes Nebraska - University of Nebraska

Rupp, Jessica
Kansas - Kansas State University

Paul, Pierce A.
Yes Ohio - Ohio State University

Shires, Madalyn
South Dakota - South Dakota State University

Young, Heather M
Tennessee - University of Tennessee

Aoun, Meriem
Oklahoma - Oklahoma State University

Camiletti, Boris
Illinois - University of Illinois

Martinez, Alfredo
Georgia Cooperative Extension

Bish, Mandy
Yes Missouri - University of Missouri

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