NC3169: EFNEP Related Research, Program Evaluation and Outreach

(Multistate Research Project)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Bastian, Geb
South Dakota - South Dakota State University

Gibbs, RJ
Yes Michigan - Michigan State University

Scott-Pierce, Michelle
Cornell Cooperative Extension

Amin, Sarah
Rhode Island - University of Rhode Island

Puglisi, Michael
Yes Connecticut -Storrs

Roe, Annie
Idaho - University of Idaho

Baker, Susan S
Yes Colorado Cooperative Extension

Henson, Teresa
University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff Extension

Earnesty, Dawn
Michigan - Michigan State University

Diaz Rios, Karina
California Cooperative Extension

Yerxa, Kathryn G
Maine Cooperative Extension

Leschewski, Andrea
Yes South Dakota - South Dakota State University

MacMillan Uribe, Alexandra
Yes Texas AgriLife Research

Pybus, Kylie
Yes Washington Cooperative Extension

Gabel, Candance
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension

Romano, Diana
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension

Fitzgerald, Nurgul
New Jersey - Rutgers University
Nutritional Sciences
Alfaro Hudak, Katelin
Texas AgriLife Research

Adedokun, Omolola
Yes Kentucky - University of Kentucky

Venkatesh, Sumathi
Texas AgriLife Research

Franck, Karen
Tennessee Cooperative Extension

Austin Cantu, Melanie Shea
Yes Arizona Cooperative Extension

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