SCC76: Economics and Management of Risk in Agriculture and Natural Resources

(Multistate Research Coordinating Committee and Information Exchange Group)

Status: Active

Participant List

Participant Name Is Head Contact Info
Paulson, Nicholas D
Yes Illinois - University of Illinois

Bozic, Marin
Yes Minnesota - University of Minnesota

Brorsen, Wade
Yes Oklahoma - Oklahoma State University

Kropp, Jaclyn D
Yes Florida - University of Florida
Food and Resource Economics
Goodrich, Brittney
Yes University of California, Davis

Moss, C. B.
Florida - University of Florida
Food and Resource Economics
Sproul, Tom
Rhode Island - University of Rhode Island

Boyer, Christopher N
Tennessee - University of Tennessee

Rabinowitz, Adam
Yes Alabama - Auburn University

Yu, Jisang
Yes Kansas - Kansas State University

Riley, John
Oklahoma - Oklahoma State University

Davidson, Kelly
Yes Delaware - University of Delaware

Feuz, Ryan
Yes Utah - Utah State University

Feldman, Paul
Texas AgriLife Research

Belasco, Eric
Montana - Montana State University

Lee, Seunghyun
Montana - Montana State University

Wang, Holly
Yes Indiana - Purdue University

Ramsey, Ford
Yes Georgia - University of Georgia

Useche, Pilar
Florida - University of Florida

Atwood, Joseph
Yes Montana - Montana State University

Mashange, Gerald
Illinois - University of Illinois

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