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  • Project No. and Title: NC_old1178 - Impacts of Crop Residue Removal for Biofuel on Soils
  • Dates: 07/25/2019 to 07/26/2019
  • Contacts: [Larry Cihacek]

This authorizes the annual meeting: .
The meeting will be held on 07/25/2019 at NDSU, Fargo, ND. :

Admin Advisor: Gary Pierzynski (

Additional Info

The NC-1178 meeting will be held at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND July 25 - 26, 2019. A tentative agenda is attached. The meeting will be held on the NDSU Campus in 380 Loftsgard Hall (Plant Sciences Building). At this time we are in the process of getting a block of room at a hotel adjacent to campus and I will forward a link to the hotel when we get the final arrangements made.<br /> <br /> The campus is adjacent to the airport. Delta, American and United are the main three airlines with service to Fargo each with several daily flights. Delta has service through Minneapolis, while United and American have service through Chicago. United also has service through Denver.<br /> <br /> At this time the tours an Friday are tentative. One issue with visiting research sites is that most of them are scattered some distance from Fargo. However, I am trying to bring in some researchers to give presentations under the Research Highlights to discuss their off campus research that might be of interest to the group. The Greenhouse and Historical plots are located on campus and are interesting to see.<br /> <br />
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